Urtekram was founded in Copenhagen in 1972 and in 2017, Urtekram was named Denmark's most sustainable brand by the Sustainable Brand Index. Our production is located in scenic Mariager in Jutland in Denmark, and here we produce our natural and ecologically certified beauty products for all needs. Today, our products are in stores throughout Europe and large parts of the rest of the world.


Urtekram was founded as early as 1972, at a time when pioneering spirit, a sense of belonging and environmental awareness, was emerging. Organic products were just an idealistic matter of the heart for the few. However, this was the beginning of the journey, that later would make the whole of Denmark - and Scandinavia - much sustainable and conscious.

The visionaries began the journey with a small spice shop in the heart of Copenhagen. Here they sold products, focusing on a natural, simple and clean lifestyle. The entrepreneurial spirit quickly took hold of them and soon the company Urtekram was founded. During the 1970s and 1980s, knowledge about Urtekram developed slowly but surely and spread beyond the small circle of early environmental enthusiasts.


You may already know that ecology is a real matter of the heart at Urtekram. However, did you know that we also work actively for a better and more sustainable world? This applies to the entire chain, from the individual grower to how we package and transport our goods.

We have signed both the Plastics Initiative and the Transport Initiative, and in 2019, we gradually switched to using plant-based plastics in all our skin and hair care packaging.

Less production waste

We always work to minimize our waste in production. In cases where it still occurs, for example when labels end up wrong and the products cannot be sold, we donate the goods to aid organizations in Denmark.

Solar cells and biogas

We take a number of actions to reduce our energy consumption. Here are some examples:

  • Our Danish warehouse building has solar cells for electricity production
  • We buy green electricity from hydropower
  • Our warehouse uses biogas for heating
  • We have lowered the temperature in our production to reduce energy consumption


All ingredients in Urtekram skin and hair care products are of natural origin and  vegan.

All packaging of paper is FSC-certified, which ensures that we use paper from sustainable forests and that the forest cycle stays intact.

Organic enthusiasts

The pioneering spirit still infiltrates everything we do. We have always fight the battle for a more sustainable world and for products that meet our values, and we will continue to do so. Even though we are much bigger now than the time in 1972 when it all started, the innovation, commitment and passion is still the same.