What is aloe vera?

Aloe Vera also called nature’s miracle plant or the plant of immortality, comes from the gel of the leafs of the Aloe Vera plant and has been used as a natural beauty ingredient for thousands of years. Aloe vera helps to moisturize and revitalize skin and hair without leaving a greasy feeling. With its beneficial properties it helps to maintain optimal skin condition because of its ability to retain moisture and hydrate the skin leaving it smooth and soft. It is a natural plant extract used for many skin issues. Aloe Vera also helps reduce the appearance of the skin’s ageing through its moisturizing characteristics, which in the long run counteracts fine lines and wrinkles. Aloe vera is one of our favourite ingredients so you will find it in many of our products.

 7 benefits of aloe vera

✔ Natural active beauty ingredient

✔ Suitable for normal and dry skin

✔ Cooling and soothing

✔ Great moisturizer, no greasy feeling

✔ Revitalizes skin & hair

✔ Help make skin & hair soft and smooth

✔ Help counteract the appearance of skin’s ageing