What is lavender?

Lavender extract or lavender essential oil comes from a sweet-smelling plant and is believed to come from the Mediterranean. It is well-known for all its benefits and in ancient times lavender was used as a holy herb. It was often used to freshen up and give a nice scent to clothes and hair, and it is still used for its therapeutic benefits. Lavender found its way into beauty products a long time ago and it has many beauty advantages.  

Lavender is in aroma therapy considered to have soothing, protective and repairing effects and it is said that people associate the scent of lavender with trustworthiness.  It can help you relax, so take the opportunity to take care of your hands and mind at the same time by putting on some Tune In Soothing Lavender hand cream just before you go to sleep. We love the scent and benefits of lavender as it gives great extra value to your special relaxing beauty moment.

7 benefits with lavender

✔ Lavender has been used as a natural beauty ingredient for many years

✔ People associate the scent of lavender with trusworthyness

✔ The scent of lavender promotes calmness and relaxation

✔ Lavender has a soothing, protective and repairing effect

✔ For hair care lavender adds wonderful shine

✔ Antioxidant properties

✔ Extra value to self-care ritual