Always spring with aroma therapy inspired products from Urtekram Beauty

Our natural and caring beauty care products help you catch that spring feeling and will make you feel fantastic every day all year round. Our products are inspired by aroma therapy and the power and effects of ingredients and scents create different sensorial moods like our range Tune In to calm down, Blown Away to energize or Dare to dream to create an optimistic feeling.

Aroma therapy uses essential oils from natural plants to improve physical and emotional health and gives a true moment of mindful beauty, a moment where mindfulness and beauty are combined.


A 5-step beauty ritual

The sense of smell has the power to create emotions and using only essential oils you will love, covering all kinds of moods like relaxing soothing lavender, energizing wild lemongrass, and natural perfumes like lively spicy orange blossom or dreamy wild rose, Urtekram Beauty products will help you glow inside and out. Just like spring.

What do you need today? Create your own aroma therapy inspired self-care ritual to calm, energize or clear the mind, cleanse and moisturize the skin, and offer yourself a little me-time.

Create your own aroma therapy inspired beauty ritual:

  1. Make room in your calender for a little me-time
  2. Light candles and put some suitable music on in your bathroom
  3. Carefully select cleansing and moisturizing beauty products with a fragrance based on what you need today; to relax, to get energy, to feel optimistic
  4. Bring some fluffy towels and enjoy a relaxing bath or a hot shower
  5. Engage your senses and be present in the moment


Find your scent

Relaxing scents can contain lavender, lemon, bergamot or orange.

Scents that provide energy are lemon, ginger and peppermint.

Choose the one that best suits your mood among our series of natural skin and hair care:

Blown Away - Energy
Tune In - Soothing
Rise & Shine - Energy
Dare to Dream - Optimistic


Mindful beauty

Mindful beauty is the combination of beauty care and mindfulness, and beauty products inspired by aromatherapy create different moods.

Did you know that there is a difference between essential oils and perfume? Essential oils are extracted directly from the raw material (usually the plant) and contain only one fragrance. Natural perfume is a mixture of naturally extracted fragrance materials (extracts) and thus contains several fragrances in combination.


  • Beauty rituals and free time soothe the mind, cleanse and moisturize the skin
  • Beauty rituals offer me-time
  • Natural ingredients offer a comforting, nurturing effect on skin, body and soul