Your beauty ritual

Your time to shine!

Beauty rituals, luxurious moments for your skin and soul often involves the use of conditioning and nourishing ingredient and was historically almost only performed by the higher classes of society. Cleopatra is for instance said to have had luxurious baths in donkey milk, and to rejuvenate her skin and maintain her beauty she is said to have slept in a mask of pure gold. The story of Catherine the Great is that she mixed essential oils with pure ice and used it onto her skin.

Beauty care offers moments of luxury, me-time and today plays a big part in many peoples’ lives. Beauty rituals have shaped our approach to skin care today. The routines and rituals we do when cleansing, purifying and moisturizing the skin go way back and we are continuing to search for effective, active, special ingredients and skincare innovations to pamper ourselves , relieve stress, counteract skin ageing.

Today’s beauty rituals in the sometimes so stressful everyday life no matter how many steps they feature are important moments of indulgence for us with a lot of positive effects on both body and soul. This mindful approach to skincare offers you luxurious moments to yourself and a healthy, beautiful and nourished skin!


Create your own luxurious beauty ritual

Urtekram Nordic Beauty has the perfect products for your beauty rituals and to counteract dry skin and keep it well moisturized! Our Dare to Dream and Blown Away body butters and body washes are perfect for this so easily create your own beauty rituals with your favourite products! Beauty Rituals are nowadays for everyone! 

5 easy steps

  1. Make room in your calender
  2. Light candles and put some suitable music on in your bathroom
  3. Carefully select cleansing and moisturizing beauty products with a fragrance based on what you need today; to relax, to get energy, to feel optimistic
  4. Engage your senses and be present in the moment
  5. Take your time to exfoliate, wash and moisturize your body and come out glowing and revitalized


Find the skin care products in our assortment best suited for your luxury beauty ritual

Body washes & Body Scrubs

Cleansing, moiturizing and softening body washes and body scrubs available in a wide range of different scents; fresh, energizing, relaxing, flowery depending on which mood you are in. With moisturizing and hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera and natural oils. Gives you a great beauty experience.

Body butters

These luxurious body butters will give you everyday luxury. The formulas are ultra-rich, nourishing and with lovely conditioning ingredients such as vitamin E, nourishing shea butter, macadamia nut oil and cocoa butter. Our body butters come in two of our most popular scents Soft Wild Rose and Wild Lemongrass and will leave your skin with a smooth velvety feeling and make it soft and lustrous. 

Body Lotions

Available in a wide range of different scents; fresh, energizing, relaxing or flowery, choose your favourites. All body lotions comes with conditioning ingredients such as softening natural oils, moisturizing aloe vera and nourishing shea butter. Help your skin recover its right moisture level after taking a bath or a shower wit hydrating, nourishing body lotions for a long-lasting silky soft feeling.